249b47e4-0649-4e0f-a5cd-2edae0e9b78bHands-on computer training, designed to

teach many health literacy elements in an

effort to promote healthy living.


1:30pm to 3:30pm – combination workshop comprised of Health Literacy elements, basic Computer elements, and Web Navigation Strategies—accessing health information on the internet.

It is not our intent to give medical advice, but to teach people how to find online medical  resources provided by medical professionals. We even have a seniors’ specific project and have trained seniors as old as 100 how to use computers and find online resources.

Masjid Muhammad’s health literacy & computer literacy hands-on combination workshop:

 Health literacy definition & components Web navigation strategies—using government sanctioned medical websites that are easy to read and health information that is easy to find.


  • 30 minutes: introduction and explanation of computer basics
  • 30 minutes: introduction and explanation of health literacy (NIH/CDC definition)
  • 30 minutes: demonstration of webpage evaluation and navigation techniques
  • 30 minutes: hands–on practice finding a health topic
  • 30 minutes: participants demonstrate finding health information on the internet

A ‘Certificate of Completion’ will be issued from the U. S. National Network of Libraries of Medicine, part of the National Institutes of Health.