SHARE @MM is a local food distribution program housed within Masjid Muhammad, The Nation’s Mosque, that falls under the umbrella of the more expansive SHARE Food Network, funded by Catholic Charities, Inc.  We are located at 1519 4th St NW (Islamic Way)  WDC 20001.

Our SHARE team has been working under Masjid Muhammad, Inc. where we recently celebrated eleven years of service.  Our vision is to ensure that no one within or without our community goes hungry.  In adhering to this principle, we presently serve several MM Seniors and families in need; 33% of our food distribution goes to non-members in the WDC, MD and VA areas.

Our mission is to serve all of our constituents at no cost which varies greatly from the standard “SHARE” system under Catholic Charities. That system requires customers to either come from their pockets and pay, or use a DHS voucher to offset costs.  SHARE@MM however, depends on its membership to contribute to the SHARE fund on a monthly basis so that those who cannot afford to pay or who may not qualify for vouchers can continue to receive monthly food packages.  We find that this system is not only unique to us but affords community members the opportunity to “adopt” Seniors and/or families needing assistance–truly a great way of realizing the concept of “compassion”.

In our ten years of operating, SHARE@MM has delivered over 3,000 grocery packages to a steady-growing list of customers. 

The Nation’s Mosque also grows and distributes fruits and vegetables from OUR COMMUNITY GARDEN. The garden is cultivated and harvested by community members and their families.

Our future goals are to:

  • Continue expanding our customer base;
  • Further develop our site to include both pantry and freezer space–this will help make us an Official Host Site– (our host number is 15368);
  • Provide more organic and Halal products to our customers.

Our SHARE Team looks forward to another great year of volunteering and giving until all in need are served.  Why not join our team TODAY?  Contact Alva Abdus Salaam via or on 202.716.2287!


(Note:  All financial contributions toward SHARE are managed through MM’s Finance Office; our entire SHARE Team is comprised of volunteers.  Drivers occasionally receive funds for fuel costs).  

Our Team includes:

Alva Abdus Salaam and Albert Sabir–Co-Chairs

Iver Deen Green — Food Distribution Manager, Secretary

Umar Abdul-Wahhab — Transportation and Delivery

Marion Hill – Transportation and Delivery

Labeebah and Jesse Salaam — both +80 years who assist with sorting and packing

Abdul-Alim Rashid — sorting and packing

Fareedah Mahdi — sorting and packing

Tahirah Shareef – sorting and packing

Saudia Westerfield – sorting and packing


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