G-d willing, we will continue developing and building upon our seventy plus year history in the Nation’s Capitol, as contributors to the nation and the globe.

We certainly, as G-d conscious people, are to promote the oneness of G-d and the excellence and commonality of the human family and have that serve as our foundation to produce a model, stable, productive, and balanced Islamic Community as taught and demonstrated by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The needs, interest and aspiration of our members, those in our association, and all G-d conscious people will greatly benefit in this movement toward a national community.

The Nation’s Mosque, Masjid Muhammad is strategically located in the nation’s capital, which is a national and international platform that represents the good sentiments, aspirations, healthy concerns and interest of all the people.  The Nation’s Mosque, Masjid Muhammad is situated to engage leaders from Faith based Organizations, Government Institutions, Business, and Diplomatic establishments. We work hand in hand to strengthen our nations collective life, religion, education, job creation, national and international business opportunities, health and human services, housing, senior care, and neighborhood excellence is part of that collective life.

We meet with leaders presenting a collective voice on behalf of and in the interest of our collective life.  These leaders are not concerned about individual representation but rather our reach and ability to communicate to our National Association.

It is our aspiration to continue our out-reach to our national association who are interested in exploring opportunities, international or otherwise, and may require contacting or meeting with select government officials, non-government and or international officials in the Nation’s Capital. We are here to support their efforts and strengthen our unity and representation in the Nation’s Capital,for the purpose of our collective community, platform, movement, and national aspiration for freedom, Justice and Equality.