The First Mosque in D.C. Built by American Citizens

Masjid Muhammad, The Nation’s Mosque, a community with over 80 years of a rich history in the Nation’s Capital and the only masjid to be built by American Citizens in Washington, DC has out-grown the build we presently reside – we are EXPANDING!!! 

The first phase of our expansion project which was to secure permits and to complete architectural design and studies, is almost complete. We now need to continue to raise funds in order to wrap up phase one and move on to phase two, which is to begin the expansion.

The rise in our popularity is mainly due to our reputation for being a community that warmly receives visitors, having an historical presence locally and nationally, as well as our convenient location in the Nation’s Capital. With your help, we can reach our goal and raise the money needed to preserve the history of Nation’s Mosque, better serve our membership, expand our outreach to the communities in Washington, DC, and properly receive our visiting guest.

A Masjid with a Rich History

Masjid Muhammad was once lead by Malcolm X and he personally gave $1,400 to help build our current masjid! This masjid was also the first and only masjid built from the ground up by the Nation of Islam by Elijah Muhammad!


A Host to Muslims from Around the World

Masjid Muhammad being in close proximity to downtown Washington, DC serves as a host to many Muslims that visit the Nation’s Capital. Every Muslim from around the world that visits Washington, DC will have the opportunity to take advantage of the expansion of Masjid Muhammad.


A Masjid for Everyone not Just Muslims

You can help Masjid Muhammad better serve the Washington, DC community. Currently Masjid Muhammad hosts a youth weekend school, intro to Islam classes, Arabic classes, weekly iftars (outside of Ramadan), a senior nutrition program and keeps the masjid doors open for all five daily prayers.



Expanding the Masjid &
Strengthening Our Community

Masjid Muhammad is raising money to secure an architect, contractor, all preliminary zoning permits, surveys and etc, prior to breaking ground.  The masjid expansion will include increasing the masallah, expanding the main social hall, expanding the restrooms and ablution areas, adding 5 classrooms, a library, conference room, elevator, a mezzanine and administrative spaces.