As The Nation’s Mosque continues it’s work to Counter Violent Extremism and change the narrative; we have contributed to research conducted by, The Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality & Equality (WISE)

WISE Up: Knowledge Ends Extremism. A full-day Summit on Thursday, October 26, 2017 9:00am-10:15am at the Carnegie Institution for Science, 1530 P Street NW., Washington DC

Supporting National Security, Interfaith alliances, Bi-Partisan efforts, and countering bigotry you are key to its ongoing success. WISE Up is a multi-faceted campaign aimed at promoting the authentic Muslim narrative of peace, compassion, diversity and civic engagement in America. At its core, WISE Up uses knowledge as the most powerful tool against all forms of extremism & hate and centers around a 400-page research and evidence-based report authored by 60 noted scholars, faith leaders, and public servants. In this resource, both Muslim and non-Muslim experts have provided their expertise on practical ways to counter extremism, hate, bigotry, and terrorism committed in the name of Islam by groups like ISIS.

The Summit will begin with a Press Conference. Our purpose is to call special attention to this non-partisan, community-led collaboration between scholars, community leaders and activists from diverse ideologies and national origins, who have come together to transform American Muslim life, strengthen our national unity, and amplify our voice.

The Summit sessions will include round table discussions among the contributors of the WISE Up Report which will be moderated by a media personality and structured around three modules of WISE Up report as listed below. The sessions will be live streamed via web.

1. Voices of American Muslims – provides a snapshot of American Muslim life by highlighting American Muslims’ engagement in public life, which aligns with the foundational American ethos; the challenges they confront as American citizens; and creative ways that they deal with these challenges. It also highlights 30 notable Muslims who enrich America.

2. Islamic Theology vs. Extremist Ideology – showcases the history of Islam, its core values, practices and beliefs, and provides a clear comparison between true Islamic teachings with ISIS’s false dogma. It debunks eight core Islamic concepts which ISIS and distort and utilize as propaganda to mislead vulnerable individuals.

3. Preventing Extremist Recruitment – details extremists’ 16 steps of recruitment on social media. It identifies push and pull factors that motivate men and women to join; provides preventative tools that focus on strengthening individuals and families, a parents’ and counselors’ guide, bystander intervention, bullying and countering hate speech; It highlights inspiring stories of 40 Muslim heroes and lists Muslim/interfaith initiatives promoting interfaith and cross-cultural understanding.