During a trip facilitated by U.S. Department of State and its resources in Saudi Arabia; we were honored to have a Meeting with the President of the two Holy Precincts (Masjidul Haraam in Mecca and Masjid of the Prophet (saw) in Medinah).

Also included was a pilgrimage during the last 10 days of RAMADAN and attending the Jumuah (Friday Prayer) at Masjidul Haraam where each prayer is as if 100,000 had been made. We enjoyed an Iftar (break fast meal) and felt the spirit of Ramadan.

In one of the pictures below, you will also see Imam’s Talib Shareef and Abdul Rahman Shareef at The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Television and Broadcasting station in Riyadh. Appearing as guest for a one hour program with Host Khaled Alalaiwi. Addressing Islam in America during RAMADAN and in general, as well as their goals and wishes for their time in Saudi Arabia. Accompanied by American Embassy officials. Additional photo with movie actress Mariam and Sara at the studio.

The trip served as a dynamic platform for much needed conversations; in the areas of peacebuilding, representation of the good of beauty of Islam, citizenship, what it means to be Muslim (here and abroad), shared efforts to manage conflict, and much more. We look forward to follow-ups from our efforts and additional resources.