16th                 Cub Scouts               Belt Loop Clinic       Gallaudet University

4:30 to 6pm       Hotchkiss Field 800 Florida Ave NE Wash.  DC  20002

TBA               All Scouts                   Camping Trip





19th            All Scouts              Marine Parade     Marine Barracks 8th & I streets SE DC 6:30pm

TBA                                                       Annual Pancake Breakfast and Safety Fair

27th                Cub Scouts                 Pin Clinic                  Gallaudet University

TBA                All Scouts                  Camping Trip



TBA                               Scout Iftar


9th to 15th                   All Scouts                       Islamic Council on Scouting Summer Camp


9th                                  All Scouts                      Annual Scouting for Food Drive

TBA                              All Scouts                      Annual popcorn fundraiser kick off  !!!!


TBA                        All Scouts                       Camping Trip


TBA                              All Families and Supporters                    Scout Ski weekend and 2016 Events Planning Trip

December     TBA

To register for the boy scouts please pick an application at the office. Ask the attendant to look in the scout folder for a blank application.  Registration is $24.00 per scout which includes individual insurance for each participant from the time they leave home until they complete the scout activity and return home. You may also pay at the office. Please write in Boy Scouts on the other space located at the bottom of the charity slip.   Your donations are also welcome.  Thank you for your continued support over the years.

Please note that all scouts are required to have a uniform.  Please text your scout leader with your name shirt size and pants size to order as soon as your child is registered. If you plan to send your boys to camp this summer please have your doctor fill out a camp medical form as soon as possible. We plan to take at least 10 scouts to camp this summer  sponsors are welcome

For more information please contact by text to  Bro. Mansa Musa Qaiyim  at 240-706-0563

NOTE:  Discount Card Fundraiser     Cards are available now please pick up as soon as possible. We plan tno sell enough cards   To pay for all registration fees,  boys life subscriptions and summer camp fees.  Each scout should sell as many cards as possible.  Cards sell for $5.00  each.  Please sell to family members ,friends, coworkers and neighbors.    Arrange to pick up as soon as possible.                


Boy Scout Photos from Kwanzaa Celebration