The program consists of two modules:

1. Youth Educational Program – An interactive program for ages 7 – 13 focused on using

the nature (fitrah) of the child as the key to unlocking the child’s learning potential. Planned

activities include: Qur’anic Arabic / tajweed (recitation), tafseer (understanding meaning of

Qu’ran), arts & crafts, performing & visual arts and self-management. The curriculum will be

implemented through a discovery learning approach.

2. Youth Leadership Program – A leadership development and educational program for ages 13

– 21 focused on self-management, decision-making, critical thinking, classroom and behavior

management. These young leaders will help plan and implement the curriculum, thereby

learning the content of the program themselves. We will pair each YLP participant with an adult

mentor. YLP participants also receive a small stipend to encourage their participation and build

the concept of working to earn and to contribute.